The Company

With offices in both Sussex and Derbyshire we are a UK-based environmental technology products company established in January 2021.

EPT undertakes Research and Development (R&D) and Manufacture and Sale of a portfolio of products for the resource management and renewables market.

Currently the company is at the R&D stage for the commercialisation of an innovative building rain water storage device.

Why Us

We at EPT:
are a team of three very experienced business development specialists
are experienced in service and manufacturing of environmental products and systems
have significant UK and International multi-million-pound business and contract experience
share a passion and background in innovative sustainable product development
have extensive knowledge and experience in business development, operational management and
environmental technologies.

Our Expertise

Our business and management team consist of:

A highly focused Senior Manager who can drive organisations forward, utilising expertise within project, service delivery, operations and change management. Exceptional national and international exposure within leading organisations. Leadership and management skills within employee support and supervision as well as expertise in transformation.

A Business Director and Manager with a proven track record developing, building and delivering multi-million-pound technology-focused companies. Key strengths are in business development (UK and International), operational management and computer technology (IT) across diverse market sectors. An in-depth understanding of computer software and technology in general. Projects have been seen through from strategy, design to implementation.

A Business Development, Strategy and Environmental expert. Founded several UK environmental consultancies and then went on to found other environmental companies including waste management and recycling. Has spent the last 10 years working with SMEs to develop their own businesses through the University of Brighton, the NatWest Entrepreneurial Spark project and numerous other mentorships and programmes.

Projects Portfolio

In Development

Building Down Pipe Rainwater Saver

Currently finalising R&D and Commercialisation on this project. It is:
cheap and easy to assemble, fits different diameter downpipes
ideal where space is limited for bulky water storage solutions
especially valuable for rainwater storage in low-rainfall geographies
can be fitted to new-build properties and can be retrofitted.

Major selling points include:
UK B2C market - 18 million owner-occupied dwellings and 170,000 new build
properties per annum
worldwide licensing potential
environmental legislation supports rainfall attenuation meets requirements of Flood
and Water Management Act 2010 (UK).

In the Pipeline

Advancing Battery Technology
More details to follow.

Specialist Plastics Recycling
More details to follow.


For a confidential, impartial, no-obligation discussion about our product offering or ideas you think we may be interested in, please do not hesitate to contact David, Mark or Richard.

+44 (0)1444 812603
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